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M inister o f Educatio n, Yo uth and Spo rts
Prague, October 2023
Ref. No.: MSMT-25662/2023-1

Distinguished Rector,
I am delighted to inform you and your university about the new round of the worldwide architectonic
competition organised under the global INSPIRELI project.
The INSPIRELI Awards contest, currently at its 9th year, is the world’s largest international talent
competition for students. Its objective is to help facilitate the career launch of talented architects and
designers from all over the world, regardless of their economic, ethnic or social background.
This year, the Department of Architecture of the Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague,
as the competition’s organizer, together with the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava and
Löw-Beer & Schindler Foundation, invite the students of your university to join the competition.
The competition was launched on 25 September 2023, and it will last until 14 July 2024. Detailed
information is provided at
The assignment of this year ́s edition is a restoration of the site of the Löw-Beer and Schindler families
and the Arks Foundation, creation of a dignified memorial to survivors and preservation of the legacy
of the Oskar Schindler’s camp.
This unique project will allow students to participate in one of the most famous stories in the history
of the world. Students will also gain practical experience to complement the knowledge gained
through their university studies.
Distinguished Rector, it would be a great honor for me and the organizers if your university actively
participated in the contest and eventually helped spread information about it among students of
universities in your country. We would be delighted if you considered organizing a seminar regarding
the project during the winter and summer semesters.
Your students’ participation as well as their final standing will be recognized in the INSPIRELI World
Architecture University Ranking, which now includes 1300+ universities of architecture and design.
Provided you are interested, please, contact the INSPIRELI contest President, Dr. Karel Smejkal
( Should there be a representative or a student of your university willing to
help with a project coordination, the organizers of the INSPIRELI contest would appreciate to be
provided with their contact details which can be sent to the above mentioned e-mail as well.
Yours faithfully,
doc. PhDr.
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Mikuláš Bek
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 Bek Ph.D.
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Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Karmelitská 529/5, 118 12 Prague, Czech Republic