ICBUILD - URGENT - SLOBRAZ & ICBUILD International investors conference fo Brazil, 9.11.2023, 5 PM & invite members to attand the event

Beograd, 31.10.23


Drage koleginice/kolege,


Kako u okviru medjunarodnih aktivnosti Klastera DUNDJER imamo uspostavljanje privredne saradnje sa BRAZILOM, uz posetu Brazilu (Rio, Sao Paolo, Florijanopolis), Gradjevinski klaster Slovenije organizuje Webinar radi upoznavanja sa nasim (Evropskim) I brazilskim partnerima u okviru inicijative Zelena Gradnja. Workshop ce biti odrzan 9.11.23, 17-19 sati CET.


Molim Vas da se registrujete na dole datoj adresi I prisustvujete on-line sastanku.



Prof. Djordje R. Djordjevic


Koordinator za obrazovanje I medjunarodnu saradnju




Dear all,


Have you manage to invite your members to this event? Is there any organisation which is interested to present their offer potentially intesting for this market, and also planning the mission to Brazil?


Is it possible that cluster managers present the circular building portfolio of the members so the organisations will be presented indirectly, if not interested to get involved directly?


I have a meeting with SLOBRAZ this afternoon 6 PM, so I would like to forward this information.


There will be two presentations from Slovenia, for now.  I will present the ICBUILD of course.



Lepo pozdravljeni / Best regards

Mag. Vladimir Gumilar / Direktor / Director




Vaše 41a, 1215 Medvode Slovenija / Slovenia



Podpora prehodu v kro┼żno gospodarstvo v sektorju gradbeništva in graditve objektov

Supporting the transition to a circular economy in construction and building related sectors.



INTERNATIONAL CIRCULAR CONSTRUCTION CLUSTER: Cluster-of-Change collaboration in transition to Circular Construction and circular market development

 <https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/international-circular-construction-cluster/> https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/international-circular-construction-cluster/


ICBUILD (COSME) Internationalization of complex circular solutions integrated in construction value chains in the third-countries markets of Canada, India, Mexico, United Arab Emirates and Brazil, through European Strategic Cluster Partnership for Internationalization (ESCP4i)


AEC Eurocluster (COSME) Architecture, engineering and construction Eurocluster for future built environment

xBUILD-EU Eurocluster (COSME) Cross-fertilization of industrial ecosystems in textile manufacturing and construction leveraging digital and advanced technologies to build up green and digital resilience in Europe


InTransit (Horizon Europe) Strengthening the resilience of SMEs to transition towards greener and more digital industries

EVERGREEN (ERASMUS+) Empowering VET Institutions towards Greener Initiatives, Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training







Dear ICBUILD members,


In collaboration with the The Slovenia-Brazil Chamber of Commerce SLOBRAZ we organised one of the events as preparation for the mission in Brazil. We joined forces with SLOBRAZ to exploit their help (hosting the join event in Sao Paulo) and also get more attendees from Slovenia and more partners from Brazil to meet at the event in connection to ICBUILD mission to Brazil.


Of course, all ICBUILD partners are invited to take part in this event, but more important is to invite your members who might be interested in this market, to get involved, and potentially present their offer or search for partners in Brazil.


Please use this email and invite your members to the event.


The event is called an international investment online business conference and B2B meetings for a greener built environment in Brazil. (International investment online business conference and B2B talks - for the greener built environment in Brazil), and will be held online on November 9 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. CET.


The purpose of this introductory part of the conference is to present green business opportunities in Brazil, resources to support international business, trade and cooperation, and to present some success stories of good practice. Present companies will be invited to present their solutions or interest in joint development. And it will also be intended for B2B meetings, which will be planned based on the data provided during registration and/or based on information gathered at the conference. To overcome optional language barriers and provide more information about possible support services, experts from SLOBRAZ and other internationalization support organizations will join these meetings if desired.


The event will feature companies, organizations for research and development, business support and consulting, and representatives of economic diplomacy from Brazil and the EU - interested in green and circular technologies and solutions for a more sustainable Brazilian built environment and the development of their companies within the framework of international cooperation, which benefits everyone.


Date: November 9, 2023

Time: 17:00 - 19:00 CET

Online applications at the link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89062220780?pwd=VmpVSjhQZXFGRmVxaGtOZ0x1V0pxZz09



As already said, the main purpose of this web conference is to link to the event when ICBUILD will organize an international economic delegation to Brazil, from April 2 to 5, 2024, to the largest construction fair in Latin America, FEICON, in São Paulo. SLOBRAZ will participate in the reception of the business delegation and open the doors to Slovenian companies in the new premises of the SLOVENSKA HIŠA (Slovenski dom Triglav / Casa Eslovena Triglav in São Paulo), where Slovenian and European (ICBUILD partner countries mainly) companies will be able to meet with companies from Brazil.


The event is also supported by SPIRIT Slovenia, the Ministry of Economy, Sports and Tourism.



Lepo pozdravljeni / Best regards

Mag. Vladimir Gumilar / Direktor / Director




Vaše 41a, 1215 Medvode Slovenija / Slovenia,  <http://www.sgg.si/> http://www.sgg.si/,