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This is a call for applications to the 26th IFHP Urban Planning and Design Summer School – Rethinking Urban Change . The course will be held 15–26 August 2022 in Helsinki and Hämeenlinna, Finland. We welcome applications from students completing their bachelor’s, master’s and post-graduate studies as well as from young professionals in all disciplines related to spatial planning. We look forward to receiving applications from urban planners, architects, sociologists, geographers and others dealing with the built environment. IFHP Summer School entitles participants to five study credits (5 ECTS).

Our societies are currently facing big environmental and social crises, most notably on climate, biodiversity, social trust and democracy. The need for action is urgent. The solutions should be made on many levels, and rise from locality. Built environment, thus, is an important platform for progressive future’s work. We invite you to locally elaborate ´ spaces of hope ´: to find alternative futures in place-based practices, local actors and their networks. By doing this, we also explore new roles for architects, planners and other experts and envision new, even surprising agencies and coalitions. How to Rethink Urban Change?

IFHP Urban Planning and Design Summer School is based on an intensive workshop taking place in a Finnish case study city. The workshop includes hands-on collaboration with diverse actors, such as professional planners, urbanists, stakeholders and activists. This year, we collaborate with Hämeenlinna, a lakeside city in Southern Finland. Working in small groups, the participants make their own analysis and design proposals that answer to real questions emerging from the given site and the context. Students are encouraged to search for unique conceptual approaches and develop those towards a spatial design programme in a semi-realistic manner. In addition to the workshop, the course includes a two-day stay in Helsinki with high-quality lectures and a city tour, a study trip to Tampere and social events.

The application period ends on April 15 . More information and the electronic application form can be found on our website: [ | ] .
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We kindly ask you to pass this message to your students, colleagues and peers. Please feel free to use the poster (A3) attached.

Professor Panu Lehtovuori, Tampere University
University teacher Tuomas Ilmavirta, Aalto University
Researcher Anna Koskinen, Coordinator of the summer school, Tampere University