Newsweek - Leading Architecture Programs in Europe - 2022

Leading Architecture Programs in Europe - 2022  Hello Sir/Madam,   I wanted to make you aware of a special feature Newsweek is running on 'Leading Architecture Programs 2022', with a special focus on Europe.   The special feature will be actively promoted on for a two-month period but will stay on permanently after the promotional period.   OVERVIEW OF THE OPPORTUNITY   • The feature will explore the benefits of attending a Leading Architecture Programs, and will run during the months of March/April 2022.   • For the first month of the campaign, the promotional banner will be shown at the top of the Education and World Channels, which are among the most popular destinations on, and are read by visitors who have an active interest in Architecture Programs. After the first month, the banner won't be on the channel pages, but will still be displayed across the Newsweek network for an additional month, resulting in a two-month total promotion period for the campaign.   • Participating universities will have large clickable thumbnail links next to the article. When these are clicked on, readers will be directed to a dedicated 'profile' page for the university that will contain write up to 650 words provided by the university, contact details, a logo, a photo/video and a link so viewers can be redirected to the university's website.   • The promotional banner will be displayed at least 2,500,000 times during the campaign.   • The section will continue to run indefinitely on after the promotion period, so your universities’ profile will be permanently accessible to link to!    • It is noteworthy that each participating school will be supplied with a special emblem confirming their inclusion in the Newsweek 'Leading Architecture Programs 2022' section which can be used indefinitely for promotional purposes. See the media kit link below for an example of the emblem.   We think this is an extremely powerful way you promote your school and align yourself with the Newsweek brand and we hope you agree!   Please click the image below for the media one sheeter Important Dates: Commitment Deadline - February 26th Material Deadline - March 7th   I hope you are as excited about this unique opportunity as we are and look forward to discussing your thoughts!   Best Wishes,   Rupal Desai Educational Insight Team In Partnership With Newsweek 54 W 40TH Street, 1st Floor | New York, NY 10018 - 2602, U.S.A T +1 646 328 7963 | F 646 365 2305 Newsweek Insight Team | 54 W 40TH ST , FL 1, New York, NY 10018 Unsubscribe Update Profile | Constant Contact Data Notice Sent by