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The Czech Technical University in Prague, Department of Architecture, would like to ask you for cooperation. Please help us to invite students from your university to the 4. Anual of INSPIRELI AWARDS and in case it is interesting to you it would be a big honor for us, in case you will admit becoming our semifinal jury member. Register here: [ ] [ | ] Please, say about this your professors of architecture.

There are two possibilities how the students can participate:

· Upload they students projects - [ ] [ | ]

( it is for the students or for the student's teams )

· Create the real project of the Czech Embassy in Addis Abeba (Ethiopia) - [ ] [ | ]

(This project is going to build according to the proposal of the winner. The name of the winner and the name of his university will be put at the facade of the new Embassy. It´s for the students or for the student's teams and it could be provided as a school project with the under the teacher's supervision.)

The main media partner of this award is [ | ]

[ | ]

Have a nice day and thanks a lot for this support of the young talents. Let's give the young talents the opportunity to shine.

Yours sincerely, Karel

Videa: [ ] [ | ]

Jana Slámová in the name of the president of the Award

Mr. Karel Smejkal, Ph.D. , Intl. Assoc. AIA

Researcher / Psychology of Architecture

+420 777 234 012

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Vice-President / Society of Czech Architects

(Member of International Union of Architects)


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